What’s Next!

Chaos Ludibrium
Ludi-break-a-lot – Done
No Time for Repair – Done
Aliens In Control
Well of Souls

Chaos Aquarium
Sunken Ships
Cave of Two Chaos Fish

Chaos Orbis
Barely Floating
Frightning Climb
Scar is Back

Temple of Time
Eternal Sunset

Mu Lung Expansion & Chaos Mu Lung
Construction Site
Last Words
Training is Complete
Pirate Plunder

Chaos Leafre
Cave of Chaos

Past Victoria Island
Perion – Done
Perion II Theme
Henesys II Theme
Kerning City
Lith Harbor
Florina Beach
Nautilus Harbor ?

World Tour
Haunted House Territory
Krexel’s Brother

These are substitute names. Not the real thing.
Expect More


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